Scroll Reveal
Our Scroll Reveal feature is powered by the script found here: The script allows you to add "data-sr" to HTML elements for on page scroll animations. We recommend adding to DIVs over SPAN etc as DIVs can move vs SPAN tags just fading in. Once you add the code to a DIV refresh a page or scroll down and it will animate in. It will only do this once until you refresh the page again. The great feature about the script is you can use plain English to describe how you'd like to animate your HTML element.

Example of this in action (refresh this page if you didn't see it already):

enter left, over 1.33s, move 100px
enter bottom, wait 1s, move 100px
enter left move 500px, over 1.33s, wait 2.5s

Code used for the above:

<div data-sr="enter left, over 1.33s, move 100px">enter left, over 1.33s, move 100px</div>
<div data-sr="enter bottom, wait 1s, move 100px">enter bottom, wait 1s, move 100px</div>
<div data-sr="enter left move 500px, over 1.33s, wait 2.5s">enter left move 500px, over 1.33s, wait 2.5s</div>


For a lengthier explanation on this visit the following page: